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When you’re purchasing a home, a quality inspection from an objective professional will assist you in making an informed decision. For current home owners, a periodic inspection can help you identify areas that need maintenance and help you protect your investment over time.
And when it comes time to sell your home, an inspection prior to listing your home on the market can help you identify areas that need work, helping you maximize the value you receive from the sale

Matt Hoffmann,   (830) 556-5589, professional inspector #21143 licensed by the Texas real estate commission.
Evaluations performed for both buyers and sellers. New construction phase inspections.
Septic systems evaluations – national association of waste water transporters certified inspector.
Water well and water quality.
Swimming pools – national swimming pool association certified pool operator.
Inspections performed 7 days a week, Guadalupe and surrounding Counties.

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Phone (Matt Hoffmann) : (830) 556-5589 / Email:

Phone (Matt Hoffmann) :
(830) 556-5589


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you do an inspection on weekends or late afternoon?

Yes, we will do an inspection at any time that the client can be present. We encourage the client to be present and ask questions. We do require that the inspection be conducted during daylight hours.

When is the best time to call an inspector?

It’s best to ensure that any contract you sign to purchase a home includes a home inspection contingency. This clause will specify terms under which the buyer is allowed to have the home inspected and the manner in which any issues identified during the inspection are to be handled by the buyer and seller. Buyers typically call the inspector immediately after the purchase contract is signed, and they understand the time sensitive nature of this process. The language of purchase contracts and inspections clauses vary, but most provide several days for the buyer to conduct the inspection and report any issues.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home by an objective professional. The inspection covers all details of the home from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. You can think of a home inspection as the equivalent of a thorough physical examination by a medical doctor. If problems or symptoms of problems are found, the inspector will recommend further action.

Do I have to be present at the inspection?

No, it is not required that you be present at the time the inspector examines the home. However, the inspection process is a great opportunity to learn about the details and condition of the home. A good inspector will explain to you how the various systems of the home work and how they should be maintained. All of this is explained in the inspector’s written report, but going over it together in person is helpful to many customers.

Can I do my own home inspection?

Many buyers have a hard time remaining objective about a home they really want, and almost all homeowners lack the expertise of a certified home inspector. For the best information about the condition of a home, your best bet is to rely on a certified home inspector.

When will I get the written report?

Completed inspection reports are usually provided the same day; and within 24 hours at the longest.

What if the inspection reveals issues with the home?

Virtually all homes have some issues, so you should expect that your home inspection will identify a few problems; hopefully, these will be minor. Remember, the purpose of the inspection is not to tell you whether you should purchase a home. The purpose of the inspection is to objectively outline all of the issues with the home so that you can make an informed decision.

Can a home fail an inspection?

No, a home cannot fail an inspection. An inspector examines the current condition of the home, describes its condition and identifies and necessary or recommended repairs. An inspection is different than a city code inspection which verifies compliance to local codes and standards, and an Appraisal which is intended to determine market value, usually as part of a finance process.

When is payment due?

Checks are preferred at the time of inspection. If you would prefer the invoice to be paid at closing, this can be arraigned for a reasonable fee.

Another inspector did a bad job for me; how can I file a complaint?

The Texas Real Estate Commission is responsible for licensing and regulating real estate professionals in Texas, including Real Estate Inspectors. If you feel there has been a violation of the Real Estate Licensing Act or TREC Rules you have a right to file a complaint.

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